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About Omron Electronic Components

Through Omron proprietary technologies, Omron develops electronic components that meet the high-tech demands of modern society - using technology and knowledge to build components for virtually every electronic application. These key components can be found in almost every automated or digital product we come across in our day-to-day lives.  

Omron Electronic Components uses leading edge product design and its huge selection of high quality products to provide a truly tailor made components service to customers throughout Europe for Relays, Switches, Connectors & Sensors.



With its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, Omron Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation.

Established in 1933 and headed by President Hisao Sakuta, Omron has more than 33,000 employees in 36 countries working to provide products and services to customers in a variety of fields, including industrial automation, electronic components industries and healthcare. The company has head offices in Japan (Kyoto), Asia Pacific (Singapore), China (Hong Kong), Europe (Amsterdam) and US (Chicago). The European organisation has its own development and manufacturing facilities, and provides local customer support in all European countries.